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  • what are our cells and tissues made up of?
  • how does our brain work?
  • what makes our muscles move?
  • how does our skin protect us?
  • how do we see, hear, and perceive?
  • and many more interesting facts about our body, presented with impressive 3D animations

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  • 40 topics covered in separate lessons
  • 40 pc 3D animation with voice over
  • Class Quizzes with 5 questions in each lesson

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80 slides
40 tests
40 video 3D
Published: 09.12.2022
Fulfillment condition
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1. Shakedown in the Cell
2. Biological Membranes
3. Diligent Enzymes
4. Master Mind
5. Not a Big Deal
6. Aching Joints
7. The Tissue Issue
8. Show Some Flex
9. Bulging Muscles
10. Beauty is Skin-Deep
11. You Are What You Eat
12. Where Does Food Go?
13. Digest It
14. What’s Your Poison?
15. Take a Deep Breath!
16. Make Yourself Heard
17. It’s in Your Blood
18. Are You Positive?
19. It Beats for You!
20. Vessel Network
21. Filters
22. Cellular Warfare
23. Raging Hormones
24. Growth Opportunity
25. The Love Hormone
26. Your Neck on the Line
27. Fight or Flight
28. All Nerves
29. Oh, the Nerve!
30. Headquarters
31. Good Reflexes
32. Autonomic Functions
33. Sympathies for the Sympathetic
34. Don't Overthink It!
35. Sperm Cells in the Fast Lane
36. Nurturing Uterus
37. The Receptive Egg
38. See Miracles
39. Hear Ye, Hear Ye
40. Feel That?

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