Discover our modern experiential learning solution

Our classroom system lets you project spectacular educational animations in the classroom. Pre-prepared Class Quizzes are available for each content, allowing you to test the knowledge of the whole class in an interactive way, even as a game.

After login you will find the content available to you in the Course materials menu. Click on the course title or the image to access the tutorials.

There you will see the cards for each lesson. Click on the lesson you want to open.

Click on the picture or the icon to start the video.

The 3D videos can be projected in the classroom in the same way as the other videos. (To see the elements in the space in front of you, you need a projector capable of 3D display and 3D glasses.)


Quiz game, group test-taking in the Class Quiz. Clicking on the little icon on the quiz card will open a new window with a Class Quiz, where students can join and complete quizzes without registering.

Clicking on the icon next to the ID will give you the link of the Class Quiz, send this link to your students. All they have to do is enter their name and start the quiz.

Access to content is available at the following levels of access rights

1. Demo access

No registration required, some elements of the single content packages can be freely browsed or projected. Test exercises are launched for one user only.

2. Registered user access

In this case, the free parts are still available, but it is now possible to run the Class Quizzes that are part of the content an unlimited number of times for an unlimited number of students.

3. Full access

To gain full access to and use of a course content, add the selected content to your shopping cart and start the checkout process. Choose from our Contents at €29.90 per unit!

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