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  • how big is very big?
  • how tiny is tiny?
  • how do we measure height?
  • and depth, width, thickness, distance, diameter, or circumference?
  • and many other questions about everyday quantities and everyday problem, presented with impressive 3D animations

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  • 40+ topics covered in separate lessons, with continually expanding content
  • 40 pc 3D animation with voice over with extra lessons
  • Class Quizzes with 5 questions in each lesson

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80 slides
40 tests
40 video 3D
Published: 07.03.2023
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1. Are You Very Big?
2. Let’s Measure It
3. Move Your Body!
4. Mass on the Balance
5. Unstoppable Time
6. Let’s Count the Time
7. Space in Space
8. How High Does Water Reach?
9. Why Do Boats Float?
10. Sitting in a Swing
11. From Slow to Fast
12. Dynamism
13. Shedding Light on Light
14. Being Loud
15. An Unexpected Turn of Events?
16. The Power of the Force
17. Heat is Heat
18. Thermal Contraction & Expansion
19. Under Pressure
20. Manometers
21. Stretch Your Legs!
22. Up and Down
23. The Turning Effect
24. Go with the Flow!
25. Airflow
26. Flow on the Scale
27. How Strong is the Current?
28. Beware of High Voltage
29. Limits and Regulates
30. Do You Have the Capacity?
31. Self-Induction Factor
32. How Powerful is It?
33. Near Magnets
34. Let’s Measure Work
35. Alternating Voltage
36. Just Hard!
37. Pull Harder!
38. What’s in the Radiator?
39. Acidic or Alkaline?
40. Radiantly
41. Air pressure measurement

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