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  • what do we know about motion?
  • what is angular momentum or friction?
  • how do the lever, the wave wheel, and the mirror work?
  • what are the characteristics of waves?
  • what do we need to know about electricity?
  • and many other exciting questions from the physics of everyday life, presented with impressive 2D animations

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  • 40+ topics covered in separate lessons, with continually expanding content
  • 40 pc 2D animation with voice over with extra lessons
  • Class Quizzes with 5 questions in each lesson

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80 slides
40 tests
40 videos, films
Published: 12.12.2022
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1. Uniform & Rectilinear
2. Acceleration / Deceleration
3. Drop the Ball
4. The Big Shot
5. Round and Round
6. Swirl and Spin
7. Good Vibes
8. Static and Kinetic
9. Resistance of Media
10. Make Lifting Easier
11. A Pulley that Won’t Bully
12. Up the Slope
13. Let's Collide
14. Riding Waves
15. Refraction / Reflection
16. Standing Waves
17. Mind the Gap!
18. Polarisation
19. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
20. In the Concave Mirror
21. Let's Refract the Light
22. Collecting Light
23. Diverging Lenses
24. Distant Examinations
25. The Electric Field
26. Work and Voltage
27. Storage for the Charges
28. Charges in Motion
29. Electrolysis
30. Current in Gas
31. Circuit Made Simple
32. Obstacle for the Current
33. With Several Loads
34. Short-circuit vs Open-circuit
35. The Conductor as a Magnet
36. Between the Ends
37. Standing Still
38. Current Back and Forth
39. Three in Series
40. Pass on the Energy
41. Catalytic Converter
42. The Rainbow
43. Lightning Flash
44. Thunderstorm
45. Polar lights

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