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  • what do we need to know about our cosmic home?
  • what is inside the Earth?
  • how does a volcano work?
  • why does the wind blow?
  • how do rain clouds form?
  • and many more interesting facts about nature, presented with impressive 2D animations

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  • 40+ topics covered in separate lessons, with continually expanding content
  • 40 pc 2D animation with voice over with extra lessons
  • Class Quizzes with 5 questions in each lesson

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80 slides
40 tests
40 videos, films
Published: 09.12.2022
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1. Our Cosmic Home
2. Our Eternal Companion
3. Cold & Hot
4. Birth of Giants
5. Giants on Fire
6. It's Moving There
7. Wonderful Stalactites
8. Cold, Slightly Warm, Hot!
9. Climbing Through Climates
10. Wind in the Sky
11. Weather Fronts
12. Moisture in the Air
13. The Source of Life
14. Water, Water Everywere
15. The Water Cycle
16. Surface Waters
17. Under the Surface...
18. Atomic Models
19. Inside the Atom
20. The World's Composition
21. Why is the Way it is?
22. Black Diamonds
23. Triplets
24. Secret of the Mines
25. Sedimentary Rocks
26. Strike While It is Hot
27. The Queen of Metals
28. Golden Shine
29. Exhaustible Energy Resources
30. Life Under Our Feet
31. The Seventh Element
32. Where are You, Nitrogen?
33. States of Matter
34. Potatoes a'la Darwin
35. Seawater as a Solution
36. Solvents
37. The Message of the Cabbage
38. Gases
39. Dirty Business
40. Under a Protective Shield
41. A Föld-hold rendszer
42. The Ökological Footprint
43. Photosintesis
44. The Polar Regions of the Earth

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