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  • who disturbed Archimedes’ circles?
  • what is exactly the Pythagorean Theorem?
  • what are the vectors?
  • how does translation appear in architecture?
  • and many other questions illustrated with spectacular 2D and 3D animations
  • and many more interesting facts about Geometry, presented with impressive 3D animations

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80 slides
40 tests
19 videos, films
21 video 3D
Published: 26.01.2023
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1. Basic Concepts
2. Position report
3. Angles in Space
4. Near and Far
5. Locus in Geometry
6. Vectors
7. Planar Transformations
8. Translation
9. Reflection
10. Similarity
11. The Plane as a Mirror
12. Rotation about a Point
13. Rotation in Space
14. Pythagorean Theorem
15. Thales' Theorem
16. Theorems abuot (Tri)Angles
17. Trigonometry
18. Laws of Sines and Cosines
19. Quadrilaterals
20. Outside & Inside
21. Polygons
22. Polyhedra
23. Prisms
24. Right & Oblique
25. On Quadrilateral Bases
26. From Column to Cube
27. Pyramid
28. Truncated Pyramid
29. Circles
30. Inside the Circle
31. Angles in the Circle
32. Spheres
33. Is the Earth a Sphere?
34. (Circular) Cylinders
35. Cones
36. Cones of Revolution
37. Cross Sections of a Cone
38. "Spun" around
39. Inscribed Solids
40. A Solid in a Solid
41. Geometry in the Kitchen
42. Az aranyarány angol
43. The Flower of Life

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