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  • what does the periodic table (of elements) reveal?
  • which chemical bond is the strongest
  • how does soap or a catalyst work?
  • what makes an onion burn your eyes?
  • and many more interesting facts about the world of chemistry, presented with impressive 3D animations

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  • 40 topics covered in separate lessons
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80 slides
40 tests
40 video 3D
Published: 14.01.2023
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1. Amazing Chemistry
2. Let's Put Things in Order
3. Are They Simply Substances?
4. Physical & Chemical
5. Forming Mixtures & Compounds
6. The Chemistry of Tea
7. The Composition of Hair Gel
8. Freezes, Melts, Evaporates
9. Inside The Atom
10. Speeding Particles
11. It's Good When Negative
12. The Law of Attraction
13. Good Things Come in Pairs
14. The Strongest Bonding
15. Positive vs Negative
16. Why Is It Difficult to Melt?
17. Why Is It Soft?
18. Why Does It Conduct Electricity?
19. Why Is It Hard?
20. Electrolysis
21. What Energy!
22. Perfect Shapes
23. What Is Required for Reactions?
24. Endotherm & Exotherm Reactions
25. Is It Reversible?
26. Underwater Happenings
27. Chemistry in The Tap
28. Lathering & Scented
29. Radioactive Decay
30. Chemical Look-Alikes
31. Splitting The Atom
32. What Is a Plastic Bag Made of?
33. Caution, Chemicals!
34. The Secret of Food
35. The Chemistry in The Beauty Industry
36. Precious Metals
37. Chemistry Below & Above
38. Let’s Can & Preserve
39. Why Is It So Delicious?
40. The Earth Is Our Treasure

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